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Category: Poems


Desert River 

Deserts too have their rivers. Entombed from birth in earth Waters mightier than Voltas Lie hid from glare of sun And winds that dry. Roofed not by sky But rocks…


I am African 

I am African,  On whose coast you find hope,  A land beautified by nature and  Occupied by people that are well nurtured.  I am African,  In whose ground you find…



Hold fast to dreams  For if dreams die  Life is a broken-winged bird  That cannot fly.   Hold fast to dreams   For when dreams go  Life is a barren field …


Black Is Not Bad 

Black is not a disease that we should cure  Or some dust that lotion should bleach!  Black isn’t a bad fridge that stores bad food.  It isn’t a color of bad omen but…


Dear Black Child 

Dear Black Child,  There are many lessons to be learned from your hair.  No matter how many times it is Blow dried, Straightened, Dyed or Relaxed,  It reverts back to…



We lay exhaustedOur strengths sappedFrom years of madnessThe madness to seek From hopeless plainsWe discovered desolate heartsBuried in bitter depression We  move  towards a lightOne that promises to be better…



 When they torture your mother plant a tree When they torture your father plant a tree When they torture your brother and your sister plant a tree When they assassinate your leaders and lovers plant a tree Whey they torture you too…


Love Letter to Africa 

Dear Africa  Your stories are found around fires Over meals and handshakes In street corners and corner shops In buses and backyards In living rooms and classrooms The tourist is not the only lens we…


Africa… My Africa 

Africa…my Africa… A continent carved out of glory Enriched with fertile soil on which the world grow Decked with bronze, embedded with gold, crowned with ivory The greener pastures land,…