Arms in great arms
You taught us so
By using it to sew back a nation
…whose solid foundation was destroyed by greed
Making hunger a national canker
And forcing our nation into near collapse
Such was the much you did for us


We know nearness to some treasure
…gives the pleasure of untreasuring
We know tongues spit a lot on those closer
Still, the world knows you as our national tailor
One whose needles had to pierce through the fabric of our nation
…in order to sew a country whose warmth could protect us
You’re one who comes only next after Nkrumah
You leveled classes with as much fairness as he could
And battled nonsense with guns
Feeding a dying hungry generation into good health
And taking the blames of many a tongue
…who draped you in dictatorship clothes

We know your patience could stand not
We know your tongue could sleep not on injustice
We know your heart held high our nation
So much so you gave your all
By heeding to the voiceless call of change

If Corona has snatched you from our presence
As honour leads you in our absence
Junior Jesus,
Rest in power
Add onto our ancestral treasure
…and help us grow
…into the nation you wanted for us
Yaa wɔ ojogbaang!
Da yie o!
Damirifa due, due due ne amanehunu!

by Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia