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Welcome to Africa Global Radio(AGR)

Africa Global Radio

Africa Global Radio is an online radio station based in Ghana that produces, promotes, and uncovers compelling content on the diverse narratives in Africa & the African Diaspora.

We produce authentic chronicles on Africa and its people, past, present, and future, to address the global under-representation of real-life examples that show the potential of our transformational development.

We project the variety of struggles, resilience, progress, and brilliance to offer enlightening perspectives on the African continent and the Black experience.

We explore innovative strategies in broadcasting and publishing information on News & Business, Creative Arts, History & Academia, and Entertainment & Lifestyle.

We partner with cross-generational, global contributors to produce live–radio programming, podcasts, and an online magazine for the ‘Africa conscious’ mind.

Africa Global Radio serves as a catalyst in galvanizing our audience to be the change they wish to see.


To become a global player in providing authentic voices on Africa and the Black experience.


To use authentic narratives on Africa and the African diaspora to inspire transformational change.

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Share with us your perspectives on African Arts, Academia, Business, Culture, Current Affairs, History, Lifestyle, Social Matters, Music, and more. We want credible, compelling, and engaging content that mirrors African life, beauty, and diversity.
Contribute by telling our story, sharing our growth, and showing how we are mapping and realizing our future.

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