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Africa Global Radio helps your business grow

Africa Global Radio produces diverse radio programmes and digital publications focused on News & Business, Creative Arts, History & Academia and Entertainment & Lifestyle from our base Ghana to an ‘Africa Conscious’ global audience.

AGR understands the importance of ensuring your advertising message is communicated appropriately to your target audience and committed to providing an advertising platform that is cost-effective and tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

AGR will work with you to craft your advertising message that is fit for your target audience, identify and place your message through the best medium that will maximize your message’s effectiveness, reach and results.

Kindly, contact us at + 233 2027064680 to inquire about how Africa Global Radio can help you communicate your message to your target consumers.

Online Advertising

Africa Global Radio has a variety of affordable website/online packages from which we can create the best advertising package that matches your online advertising needs, budget and help your business grow.

For advertising on our website, kindly email/contact us  + 233 2027064680

Radio Advertising

Africa Global Radio provides a wide range of affordable radio advertising packages which we can use to create the best advertising package that communicates your advertising needs, fits your budget and helps your business grow.

AGR can create your radio commercial from idea concept to production using our in-house production team and resources or can use your ready-made advert to tailor a campaign that fits your advertising message and business purpose. We also produce radio features that tell your business outfit’s story in an innovative, compelling way to reach your target audience.

For advertising on our radio, kindly email/contact us + 233 2027064680 to discuss a package that will best reach your target audience/customers and provide the best return on your advertising investment.

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