Leadership of the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) says it is creating synergies among trade industries to promote Africa as the destination for health, and investment tourism.

The newly formed group which launched the Ghana chapter on Tuesday, will harness the huge tourism potentials in Ghana and Africa into economic development for total benefit of the continent.

It observes Africa especially Ghana is endowed with enormous tourism potentials, however, little is realised from tourism.

President, Emmanuel Boateng, says the association will build the capacities and knowledge base of members to be globally competitive in the industry.

“We would also focus on hospitality, tour operators, the business community and health because we would want to look at health or medical tourism as something that hasn’t been explored, and we want to look at how we can find the missing link, So we have realized that we have to come together.”

We have ATTA-US, ATTA-UK and ATTA-South Africa which is very vibrant and so already we have our global network and it is high time we exposed our travel and tourism community to the outside world”.

One of the key goals of this event is to promote Ghana and present the country as an attractive and secure tourist destination for the Africa market and the world as whole.

Now, government and the various stakeholders are actively encouraging investment in infrastructure and tourist market development.

The leadership say these actions present good opportunities for Ghanaian companies to increase sales and find strategic foothold to grow in the African Tourism Market.

Mr Boateng says the launch of ATTA-Ghana present a positive impact on Ghana’s Tourism Market since its ultimate objective will be to create synergy and build solid network among the industry players.

“In projection, we will thereby improve facilities, affordability, accessibility and increase tourism business exposure, to consolidate government steps in making Ghana number one prefer country in African Tourism.”