The organisers of Black Girls Glow, an initiative to foster collaboration and create space for women artists to network, learn and create together, have opened applications for the 2021 edition.

The residency programme is open to sound artists at any stage of their craft – from beginners to experts. Singers, poets, rappers, producers, beatmakers, and any other sound artists, are also encouraged to apply.

The Black Girls Glow artist residency 2021 is open to women artists residing in Ghana. It is a seven-day residency programnme, free for participants.

The theme for this year’s residency is Hashtag Protest (#Protest) and will focus on exploring the different, unconventional, and inclusive ways of youth protesting against unfair societal systems and structures.

People who cannot attend all the seven days of the residency are not advised to apply.

The deadline for the application is April 8, 2021.

Meanwhile, the residency dates have been scheduled for July 18 – 25.

Visit for more details or e-mail for any questions and clarifications.

About Black Girls Glow

Black Girls Glow is a non-governmental organization based in Ghana aimed at bringing together women artists with the goal of creating content that is not defined by, or limited to the external boundaries imposed by the predefined, male-dominated structure of the art scene – women who will bring their own issues and styles and their own vocal patterns and creativity.

Our projects leverage the collective gathering of women and the power of creating together to empower each woman involved to solve specific issues relevant to their communities, and thus, help build stronger communities across the country.