Arnold Achiri Nji is an entrepreneur and Engineer recognized by the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) who developed the Traveler APP.

The ‘Traveler information System’ is a software system comprising of an app and a ‘big data’ integrated cloud monitoring system (firebase). The app converts mobile phones into speed, performance and collision detectors capable of automatically tracking, tracing and reporting reckless practices likely to cause an accident, especially in buses. When an accident occurs, the app automatically detects it and sends an emergency alert SMS to hospitals, ambulance services and other institutions with the location and severity of collision.

The app has a specialised algorithm which makes smart phones sensitive to data concerning speed, location, orientation, weather conditions, acceleration and the collision force recorded during impact. Traveler is being integrated into Cameroon’s public transport network.

Arnold’s innovation is particularly important in Sub-sahara Africa where road accidents are a leading cause of death in people between the ages of 5 and 44 years. In November 2019, he was recognized as Roads for Life champion by the Africa Transport Policy Program residing at the World Bank. He is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of leadership and work in the Information Technology and Services industry.

He is a recipient of numerous international awards and honors in his effort to improve road safety and emergency information systems in Cameroon.

Picture: JAMES OATWAY for The Royal Academy of Engineering.