The history of Africa has never been a permanent fixture in the history books in America, thus leaving countless people without awareness of Africa’s immense history. As a matter of fact, only 10% of the African American population in America has knowledge of ancient African history. This may be a direct relationship with people of color making a plea that their lives matter. African World History is Gathers’ fifth book however one that he shaped carefully. Troy states, “I understand the History of Ancient Africa is vast, yet this book points out key kingdoms and rulers to set the stage for your research.”

Troy resides in Atlanta, GA but hails from Charleston, South Carolina. He is an entrepreneur and Ph.D. candidate focused on educating and inspiring his readers. He began working on literary books in 2015, reaching millions with his original quote books. African World History is his attempt to educate all races about the immense history of Africa before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. “There are far too many great rulers and kingdoms from Ancient Africa that are never discussed in school. That is not fair to any race to omit a part of history that can bring all of us closer as one,” Gathers says.