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Author: AGR


The Time for Black Unity Is Now 

It goes light skin vs. dark skin, Africans vs. Caribbean, Black Americans vs. Africans, East Africans vs. West Africans, “Hood” vs. “Good” black people  With all these internal conflicts in the Black community, I…


Travellers – by Helon Habila 

In this book, the antagonist, a nameless Nigerian narrator has moved to Berlin with his American wife. This was to be a “break from our breaking-apart life”.  In Berlin, his…


Tunisia Up for a Run-off Election 

Tunisia is headed for a run off-election after two main presidential contenders failed to secure a clear-cut win in the first round of voting. Results declared by Tunisia’s independent electoral…


Kenyan Media Receives a Boost 

Kenya’s media landscape is set to undergo a major transformation as the sector receives a $1million investment for the establishment of a media hub aimed at boosting the capacity of…


Liberia Solicits ICC’s Help 

Liberia has extended an invitation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to help in the setting up of a court for prosecuting economic and war crimes. President George Weah made…

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