This documentary takes a close look at the lives and passions of eight boys living and hustling on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. They share their dreams and ambitions, which shows them in a different light than how society perceives them.

Awon Boyz tells an all-encompassing story of love, freedom, hope, missed opportunities and self-belief. The characters who make this story worthwhile may have accepted their label, but they also believe it to be an act to get what they want. Life is a battle for them, and they are willing to do what it takes.

Shot on the streets of Monkey Village; a slum in the highly residential area of Opebi, Oshodi – a suburb in Lagos, well known for being a hive of activities, and the New Afrika Shrine, in the heart of Ikeja, the documentary gives about 8 area boys the chance to tell their own story to the viewer and answers most of the question people have, but never ask about life on the streets of Lagos.