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African Champions Ep10 

Uganda: Timothy Kayondo, an industrial chemist devises a system to ensure the provision of clean water, after examined how chlorine in public water supply decays. Listen to the full show…

AGR Video

Good News from Africa Ep10 

What would you say to a cool $100? GenX Experience Bright Ideas 2020 seeks to find and fund the launch of a minimum viable product to market, here are the…

AGR Video

Black History Ep10 

#TODAY WE REMEMBER: On 31st of August in 1945, official records listed 7,768 Black commissioned officers in Armed Services. 3,902 were female African – Americans. #DID YOU KNOW? Ethiopia’s new…

AGR Video

Joey B on Arts Africa 

On today’s show, Benjamin Akpakpo interviews Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin, popularly known in the music scene as Joey B. He talks about his music and fashion. Gets into the deal…

AGR Video

Black History ep7 

Meet Amelia Boynton, the first African American woman and the first female Democratic candidate from Alabama to run for a seat in Congress. & Did you know Dar Es Salaam…

AGR Video

Good News from Africa ep7 

Hear about the 11-year old who has launched an auto detailing service and an 18-year old to launch a Coffee and Apothecary shop that serves as an incubator. source

AGR Video

African Champions ep7 

Jack Oyugi – Kenyan biotechnologist & CEO of BIOFIT, devised affordable, alternative types of animal feed for the dry season. Listen to the full show: The Africa Daily show…

AGR Video

Black History ep 1 

18th August 1964, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) barred South Africa from competing in the Summer Olympics. Find out why on AGR’s Did you know … source

AGR Video

African Champions ep1 

African Champion Kenneth Guantai is the CEO & Founder of Auto-Truck E.A Limited. He developed a battery-powered electric handcart with a trans-axle DC … source

AGR Video

Good News From Africa ep1 

Hear about the woman who set up a tea company after becoming ill with a viral heat condition. The former educator could do what doctors couldn’t ……. Also … source

AGR Video

Bright Ideas: Meet Team Clade 

This video is a production by Africa Global Radio, the proud partners of the Bright Ideas Challenge 2020. Team Clade presents its idea for Bright Ideas 2020. source

AGR Video

Africa Daily Show (30-07-2020) 

Africa Daily features eclectic music from Africa and the diaspora, we go deep with food for thought, unpacking proverbs from across the continent. We give you … source

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