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World Emoji Day 

The Africa Daily team delves into a conversation on pictographs that have left a lasting mark on digital culture and communication via text: Emoji. The team explores the invention in…

AGR Video

Investing In Young African Entrepreneurs 

The Africa Daily team interacts with a section of youthful entrepreneurs honing their skills to empower themselves and also create a livelihood. Mr. Alfred Nkansah (Founder, Plugnom), Dr. Agyekum Prince…

AGR Video

Ivorian women go organic to preserve yield 

Encounter the amazing innovations and initiatives taking place on the continent and in the Diaspora on #AGRGoodNews on Africa Daily with Epiphania Djokoto-Gligui. In today’s episode: *ILO holds workshop on…

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On What’s Trending Across Africa, the Africa Daily Team discuss what is shaking folks from the motherland in the world of social media. In today’s episode Epiphania Djokot-Gligui unpacks: #Kennedy…

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World Chocolate Day 

In commemoration of World Chocolate Day, the Africa Daily team highlights a commodity that is consumed by people of all ages primarily for its feel-good factor; Chocolate. Akua Obenewaa Donkor…

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