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Category: Creative Arts


Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi 

A clear, concise, powerful and bruising book which illustrates the brutality of colonialism and the slave trade and the impact it had upon relationships, identity and the generations which have…



SeedsSeeds feed leads to deedsFeedFeed leads seeds to deedsLeadLead feeds to deeds and seedsDeedsDeeds lead seeds to feed IIPods…created by godsTo have many nods…through rodsKnowing they’re sods to seedsGods…created by…


The Rain 

Time to embrace the rain,And cause emotions to drain.Leave thy soul to drench,And let thy blazing sins quench. Relax and feel the shower.Acknowledge God’s power.Submit thy self for renewal.Rise beyond…



Mali, such a beautiful city that thrived. Sometimes it seems like it was before its time. Mali, a place where gold was abundant and the Mansa ruled. Camel caravans transported goods. Mali, customs were…


A Mama at Will 

Ring Ring RingOff goes the alarm thingLooking for my darlingI scream, Honey!My shoes, my watch, my phone, my belt, my socksI’m lost She smiles and saysI’m hereNo fearAnd yes, she’s…


Mama’s Love 

The world marked Mother’s Day on Sunday, 10th May, 2020. It is a day set aside to acknowledge all the sacrifices our mothers have done and keep doing for us….

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