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Category: Creative Arts



Africa my AfricaAfrica of proud warriors in ancestral savannasAfrica of whom my grandmother singsOn the banks of the distant riverI have never known youBut your blood flows in my veinsYour…



No one leaves home unlesshome is the mouth of a sharkyou only run for the borderwhen you see the whole city running as well your neighbors running faster than youbreath…


Women of Africa 

Women of AfricaWomen of AfricaIn the land of bow and spearOf chieftain and warriorOf hunter and huntedYou are the silent gathererThe unsung providerThe hidden basketWe raise you upAnd speak your…


Reinventing Nairobi’s Railways with Art 

Inside Nairobi’s seemingly forgotten railways is a mushrooming artists’ crew that is making this side of Kenya a sight to behold. The Bombsquad Crew paints and sculpts the area with…


South Africa Holds Annual Turbine Art Fair 

Happening in Johannesburg, South Africa is the @TurbineArtFair which provides a unique platform for galleries, emerging artists, and new buyers to display and patronize artworks. The annual fair is meant…


Dr. Waheed Musah 

Time to heal the wounds of Humanity with our deepest Love, Peace, Unity and Harmony. Time to say no to War and embrace PeaceTime to say no to Political Intolerance…



I am an AfricanNot because I was born thereBut because my heart beats with Africa’sI am an AfricanNot because my skin is blackBut because my mind is engaged by AfricaI…

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