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Category: Poems



SeedsSeeds feed leads to deedsFeedFeed leads seeds to deedsLeadLead feeds to deeds and seedsDeedsDeeds lead seeds to feed IIPods…created by godsTo have many nods…through rodsKnowing they’re sods to seedsGods…created by…


The Rain 

Time to embrace the rain,And cause emotions to drain.Leave thy soul to drench,And let thy blazing sins quench. Relax and feel the shower.Acknowledge God’s power.Submit thy self for renewal.Rise beyond…



Mali, such a beautiful city that thrived. Sometimes it seems like it was before its time. Mali, a place where gold was abundant and the Mansa ruled. Camel caravans transported goods. Mali, customs were…


A Mama at Will 

Ring Ring RingOff goes the alarm thingLooking for my darlingI scream, Honey!My shoes, my watch, my phone, my belt, my socksI’m lost She smiles and saysI’m hereNo fearAnd yes, she’s…


Mama’s Love 

The world marked Mother’s Day on Sunday, 10th May, 2020. It is a day set aside to acknowledge all the sacrifices our mothers have done and keep doing for us….


Caged Bird 

A free bird leapson the back of the wind   and floats downstream   till the current endsand dips his wingin the orange sun raysand dares to claim the sky. But a bird that…


My African Mother 

Beautiful African womanPrecious daughter of our landThrough thee I saw daylightUnder thy shield I learned to fightAgainst the threats of life You laid down the foundationOn which I’ve built my…


Dark Wind 

Did we anticipate our securities turning into insecurities?What about clutching for necessities due to lack of amenities?Making the wealthy vulnerableAnd the needy honourable If only humanity had not exhibited such…


Phenomenal Woman 

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   But when I start to tell them,They think I’m telling lies.I say,It’s in the…



A name only once crammed into the child’s fitful memory in malnourished villages, vast deliriums like the galloping foothills of the Colorado: of Mohawks and the Chippewa, horsey penny-movies brought…


The Dry Season 

The year is withering; the wind blows down the leaves Men stand under eaves And overhear the secrets Of the cold dry wind, Of the half-bare tree. The grasses are…


African Beats 

African Beats, African Beats, African Beats, can u hear those African beats?I’m having sleepless nights, nightmares with meanings of life, waking up in cold sweat My heart  is pounding and it…


And people stayed home… 

And people stayed homeand read books and listenedand rested and exercisedand made art and playedand learned new ways of beingand stoppedand listened deepersomeone meditatedsomeone prayedsomeone dancedsomeone met their shadowand people…


The Last Word 

ERE I sit with eighty years ⁠Buried somewhere in my bones. I can only see the world ⁠Move along in monotones. All the peril of the sun ⁠And the laughter…



Deadly Door; No ReturnHaven on Atlantic OceanPeddled by greedy goonsScourged by pallid masters. Deadly Door; No ReturnDark dungeons of despairFive score in each cellShackled – shore to shore. Deadly Door;…

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