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Category: Living


Is incest increasing exponentially? 

Today no single day passes without a report of incest, sexual activity between family members. Siblings are sleeping together. Men are getting their teenage daughters pregnant and fathers are sleeping…


Handling Misunderstandings 

Knowing someone really well helps us maneuver difficult situations, but in the process of getting to really know someone – what they like, dislike and approve of, frictions and misunderstandings…


Dance: The power of letting go 

Movement is life.  For us to be in existence, something has to always be in motion. Millions of cells are being produced in our bodies, blood is moving, and we…


Relationship or situationship? 

At the end of relationship there are two things that could happen, either the two people involved will amicably go their separate ways or will start throwing shade at each…


Six basic self-reflective questions 

Being present with oneself, in the moment, being mindful, mentalizing, reflective function—all of these constructs point toward a crucial recognition of one’s own experience that takes place over and over…

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