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Category: Travel


Top fascinating facts about West Africa 

From the ancient Nok civilization and the Benin Empire to culturally diverse groups, here are some amazing facts to know about these groups of countries. West Africa is a hidden…


Unique experiences in Egypt 

Is there anywhere on Earth more culturally fascinating than Egypt? With a history which stretches back to the beginning of civilisation, and a contemporary culture which has plenty to offer…


Mozambique: More than a Tropical Paradise 

There’s an extraordinary diversity of places in Africa to spice up your travel bucket list. One of the continent’s underrated gems is Mozambique, boasting long stretches of exotic beaches, exceptional…


Let’s Go to Seychelles 

The Seychelles are one of Africa’s island paradises, consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean in East Africa. The island nation is considered one of the most romantic destinations…


The 8 most beautiful cities in Africa 

“The black continent” is perceived as one of the poorest continents in the world. However, these beautiful cities in Africa will rub shoulders with cities in the richest parts of…

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7 Places To Visit in Djibouti 

Whether you love outdoor adventures inside a real African jungle or indoor delights with rich African cultural artifacts, Djibouti is undoubtedly a perfect choice for you. Although it is one of the…


Africa’s Top Trekking Destinations 

It is no news that Africa offers some of the world’s best wildlife and cultural experiences.  But how come people hardly talk about the superabundance of extremely beautiful trekking trails?…


Photos: Lagos From Another Angle 

Aerial shots of Lagos remain fascinating to many, as a bird’s eye view is presented of the city we call home. The panoramic view of Lagos Island is breathtaking. Lagos…


Rwanda: The Country of a Thousand Hills 

n April 1994, as the world’s media was focusing its attention on the election of Nelson Mandela, and the end of South Africa’s apartheid, something terrible was happening in Rwanda….

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