For most of Northern Ghana’s diverse ethnicities, music and cultural musical display is not just a throwback to the glories of a beautiful bygone era; it is a development tool, given how it characterizes virtually every activity individually or collectively performed; it is a charge to action to overcome challenges and a repository of wisdom of the ancients.

So as part of the 2019 Chale Wote events, the Yeniwin Music crew performed a collection of different Northern and Southern cultural songs to grace the Northern Experience edition of the festival held at the National Theatre. 

On display at the event were the unique arts, history, language, culture, and spirituality of Ghana’s northern tribes. A panel discussion moderated by Mandiaya Sumani Seini with contributions from Prof Bodomo, Dr. Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon, Dr Nanbigne, and Dr Tengan highlighted the inherent potential of language and culture for development, with a focus on the deeply-knit histories of Northern Ghanaian ethnicities. According to discussants, northern Ghanaians must harness their cultural commonalities to forge a united front for a positive transformation of the region.