Lex Pyerse Clothing has announced the launch of their new mugs that empower African-Americans through freedom of expression. Like all Lex Pyerse Clothing apparel, these mugs help start mornings right while empowering younger generations and remembering the Motherland. Their mugs are sturdy and glossy with vivid affirmations which form word clusters such as QUEEN, BEAUTY, and BLACK.

To learn more about Lex Pyerse Clothing’s exciting movement or to purchase their mugs, visit their official website at https://lexpyerse.com/collections/black-pride-pro-black-culture-mugs

Lex Pyerse Clothing, founded in 2019, is a Black-pride apparel company that focuses on Pan-African colored and inspirational word clusters, as well as African and Caribbean national flags and their dates of independence for men, women, and children of all ages. The Lex Pyerse website sells shirts, cases, mugs, and hoodies with affirmations created into a word cluster that emphasizes uniqueness and Black pride. Their hats have affirmations without the word cluster.

During a recent sale, a happy customer said, “These mugs are worth every penny. I love how stylish they look and it fits my personality perfectly.” A second customer at the same sale said, “Perfect for the morning affirmations. I’ll be drinking from my QUEEN mug every day.”

A third customer added, “I’m not sure if I’m going to drink out of it or put it on my shelf. This mug stands alone and expresses Blackness.”

Pyerse Lex Dandridge, the founder of Lex Pyerse Clothing was quoted as saying, “I’m surprised these mugs are such a hit. I love how the mugs have become part of customers’ morning routines. I love that these mugs can keep the same positive effect of our shirts and hats. I love how our mugs empower my fellow brothers and sisters.”

About Lex Pyerse Clothing:
Lex Pyerse Clothing offers a stylish and empowering line of Pro-Black clothing, as well as cases, mugs, hoodies, and more. Shoppers can mix and match the designs to come up with their own meaningful message about Blackness, individualism, or any statement they wish to express. For more information, please visit LexPyerse.com

Source: blacknews.com