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Collaborate with us

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Calling on all creatives!
Calling on all Africans in the continent and diaspora!
Calling on all progressives!
Calling on all who wish to share compelling, dynamic content that tells the African Story.

Share! Share! Share!

Africa Global Radio’s goal is to use our platform to highlight progress and brilliance on the African continent. We are equally dedicated to featuring content that demonstrates the diversity of the Black experience.

With this objective in mind, we are enthusiastic to use our platform to promote like minded content to our audience that has already been created and exists in the public domain. 

Where are you in the world? Africa Global Radio wants to hear from you.

We invite you to share your perspectives, blogs, articles, poems, proverbs, photos, paintings, fashion & design, music play lists and stories of struggle, resilience, progress and brilliance.

Contribute by telling our story, sharing our growth and showing how we are mapping out and realizing our future.
Be part! Take action and share!

Join us in providing credible, compelling and engaging content that mirrors African life and beauty in its entirety. 

Reach out to us on / +233 2027064680  


Africa Global Radio is ready to engage in collaborative productions of compelling content with Creatives, Media Agencies, Universities, Social Enterprises, Development agencies etc. across the continent and in the Diaspora that serve our shared audience. 

Reach out to us at +2332027064680  discuss and explore the possibilities.

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