The Aldabra Atoll and Vallée de Mai are two locations that are widely protected by the UN division known as UNESCO. The gift of this title means that they are legally protected by international treaties to conserve the land.

The Vallée de Mai is protected from the hands of visitors and tourists due to its ancient reputation. Found in the park are endemic plants such as the Coco De Mer, as well as an array of unique wildlife and other flora. Due to the density of unique and rare life that lives within the forest, it is important that this life is preserved.

It is also  home to the Aldabra Atoll. The world-recognized ecosystem is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Seychelles, and is protected to promote conservation of the wildlife that inhabits it. It is one of the very few areas among the islands that is populated with such a diversity of wildlife. That is why only 1000 people have the opportunity to explore the Aldabra each year.

Now as the second-largest atoll in the world, visitors must receive permission from the Seychelles Islands Foundation to visit. Those who do have permission may explore the home of over 152,000 giant tortoises – the largest population of these amazing creatures in the world.