Do not fear the past.

It is ugly

but it is ours,

Do not hold on to lies

That you were fed when you were young.

Learn the history of your people

Find the truth

to free your soul from evil

Learn the Qur-an

Learn the bible

Find the meaning of life and religion.

Do not fear the past.

It is painful

but it is real

Blood was spilt and people died

but love and unity had survived.

Learn the tongue of your ancestors

Reconnect with the roots of your blood

Find the knowledge

That was stolen

Find the life that was robbed from us.

Do not fear the past.

Embrace it

Let it teach you the wisdom of your race

Take its lessons and live by them

Own the identity that was erased.

Do not fear the past,

Do not hate it.

Do not fear the past,

Learn about it.

Let it teach you

Let it nurture you

Let it remind you, of who you are.

Zuhura Seng’enge