FÜ Lifestyle is the newest Black woman-owned accessories brand designed by fashion designer Eva Moore for modern progressives. With its debossed FÜ logo print, the brand’s Lifestyle bag is a bold statement for the fashion-forward and progressive-thinking alike.

“This is my response to the ubiquitous logo-covered bags we’ve all seen forever,” said Moore, admitting that the FÜ brand had tongue-in-cheek origins. “You like initials? How about these?”

For Moore, a devoted animal and human rights activist, the bag is the vehicle to express her irreverence toward “pretentious” fashion norms and her disgust with the “hate-filled” and divisive politics of the outgoing administration.

Growing up, Moore aspired to a fashion career but abandoned her passion when told that her designs were too unconventional. The 2016 election and the catastrophic last year served as catalysts to launch “hell or high water, which is here and now.” The flagship, regularly $199, has been reduced to $149 to celebrate the launch and features:

• Signature logo paisley lining
• Laptop compartment
• Water bottle pocket
• Key fob
• 3” dual magnification compact mirror with lanyard

Reminiscent of a pocket watch, the compact’s lanyard clips to the tote’s hardware or, if one prefers, a belt loop. It’s a modern take on a bygone de rigueur style item. Moore asserts that it’s less about vanity and more about “not showing up with kale stuck in my teeth.”

FÜ – A Multipurpose Homonym

FÜ is not only the abbreviation for a familiar expletive; they are also the initials for Moore’s audacious alter ego. Frida Überschätz is an African and German American designer with “unfortunate initials” and an “almost laughable” surname, which means “overrated” in German. Undeterred by her moniker, Frida embraces her name’s uniqueness and uses it to her advantage.

The FÜ bag is for the daring, forward-thinking, and those “willing to give an FÜ to everything wrong in this country and the world. It’s definitely not ‘you- know-who’s’ handbag,” she quips.

5% of profits will go to Planned Parenthood. Learn more at FULifestyle.com

Source: blackbusiness.com