Desperate husbands reaching for their car keys,
Harassed wives becoming more forgiving.
Hungry side chicks rediscovering discarded hair,
Street Hustlers dancing obscenely to cacophony.
Politicians reading tea leaves to discern power grabbing conspiracies,
Pastors giving thanks to God that momo operators can return to work.
The rest of us amused, bemused, confused,
Protect Dear Lord! While place our faith in our leaders.

Ours is a world of an uncertainty paradox

Where we trust the government,
But don’t trust the government.
Rising numbers, yet death defying response.
Digital opportunities shout everywhere, anytime, anyone,
Yet let down by a non-trusting culture and our street hustle.
60,000 samples only so far, adequate or limited,
Well, unexplained deaths yet to spike provide some assurance.
Tests in piece, no rest in peace.

Ours is a world of unrepresentative risk

All are scared of corona virus,
But the hunger virus is even scarier for the poor majority.
Lockdown safety versus breakout risk; no size.
While all are created equally, even if valued unequally,
It is the hungry majority that brings power.
So give them freedom of movement if that’s what they want,
And ignore our small health infrastructure.
As we build our massive stomach infrastructure.
If only exponential growth was bounded by power.

But maths and politics exist in parallel universe

While all around us countries are extending lockdowns,
Amidst similar statistics, economics, geography and genetics,
Our leadership, strategy, capacity and rationality could be our weapon.
So much goodwill and global adulation,
We boldly tread where others dread.
We are the Black Star,
We lead while others follow.
But like yoga, we only go far when we are stationary.

So back where we started

“Undertake Essential travel”, subject to our reasonable interpretation;
“Practise Physical distancing”, subject to the spaces we create;
“Wear Nose masks”, subject to a safety first and not vanity first approach;
You see, freedom of movement usually leads to an end state.
A state underpinned by some freedom of association as seen in markets and workplaces.
Yes! We know fortune favours the brave,
Yet we stand in the home of a coward to admire the ruins of a brave man’s house
Fellow Ghanaians, our individual discretions are what is being tested, are we positive.