GbɛtɔɖayibɔWho was convinced to eat the Apple that has made some humans use their lifetime savings to go buy that Apple?Who caused the causes of that disease in our neighborhood and later used our contributions to find out the causes?They said people can hurt you without knowing but who gets up and travel to an unknown destination without taking note of the surrounding of that unknown destination?This life is just simple like a footpath but humanity has meandered a way to put speed ramps on it.Gbɛtɔɖayibɔ as affectionately called by Grandpa has caused Grandpa’s favorite grandchild a lot of musically unsingable notes on this life melody.Papa shouted at “gbɛtɔɖayibɔ”, “gakɛ” the outcome “là nɔ” slow “abɛ abɔbɔ”. He knows you’ll never be part of he’s future plans and even in his miraculous estates you’ll not own a footpath, yet still he’ll make you see yourself in the saying ” behind every successful man is a woman “.Gbɛtɔɖayibɔ!She knows vividly and factually that you’ll never make her team but she’ll keep on encouraging you to come to training at pitch ‘just friends’ , AstroTurf ‘Bestie’, to homegroud ‘sweetheart’ and finally to stadium ‘my one and only’ and at the end she’ll axe you out of the team knowing that the transfer window has just been shut.I wasn’t surprised when I saw those who stood firm behind the aspirant during the campaign period now convincing delegates to vote for his opponent, just the eve to the election.Gbɛtɔɖayibɔ! You told your fiancée and her mum that ” that girl is just a friend ” then how come the sound ouuussssh,fuck me harder and the bass sound “I love you bae” came from your room last night which happens to be the day Godwin Spark accompanied you to escort your fiancée and her mum back to the village.Gbɛtɔɖayibɔ! How come you saved his number with the name “bestie” and I still heard from your room last afternoon sounds like ahh ahh ahh bestie you’re the best, f**k the hell out of me, etc. and a deep voice replying “I pray your guy travels always. “We’re to be each other’s keeper.But look at what we’re doing to each other.Gbɛtɔɖayibɔ a.k.a. human with black hair.It’s time you change and get glued to loyalty like how Omar D’Poet is glued to Chelsea FC no matter their good or bad form.Are you also a “GBƐTƆƉAYIBƆ “?Ɛnɛenyɛ Kɔbla Gbɛsa.

Source: AGR