As a young Ivorian, Richard Seshie hopes to promote the continent through its digital platform. Mr. Seshie is a previous winner of the prestigious Africa Orange Social Entrepreneur Award of the year. In an interview with L’EXPRESSION, Richard Seshie, the founder of GET AKWABA shared more insights on the much-anticipated launch of its digital platform.

The new platform aims to visualize Africa while reversing the fact that Africans claim little or no ownership of their history. They point out the fact that people pay little attention to African history written in articles, hence their intention to simplify it visually through illustrations. presents daily visuals highlighting everyday life for Africans. For instance, it gives a presentation of how public transport is named. In Ghana, it is Tro Tro while in Ivory Coast it is Gbaka. The platform presents all aspects of life-based on categories such as sports, historical heritage, tourist sites, etc.

The website was officially launched in April 2020, and already boars over 100 illustrations on the African continent. Promoters to the site comprise of graphic designers, infographers, bloggers who banded together for a common purpose. Thus far, the website gets over 10,000 monthly visitors. You can access the English or French version of the website. This website platform is a volunteer initiative.

In the future, the team plans to open a professional service that will offer graphic design among other services.