The 2019 edition of the Climate Change and Population Conference on Africa enters its second day in Accra, Ghana as stakeholders explore sustainable solutions to the climate crisis and population explosion on the continent.

Organized by the Climate Chance Association and the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG), the conference  brings together non-State actors fighting climate change on the African continent, including local government, businesses, trade unions, environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs), farmers, women and youth organizations, researchers and other stakeholders to reinforce the operational roadmaps adopted at the 2018 edition of the Summit.

Among other things, this year’s summit will discuss such issues as access to climate finance in Africa, sustainable development of cities, renewable energy and energy efficiency, mobility and sustainable transport in Africa, as well as agriculture, food and reforestation in the continent.

Africa is the hardest hit by climate change as droughts, floods, diseases, and desertification put swathes of territories and populations on the brink of severe crisis. Sub-saharan Africa, parts of central Africa and the horn are particularly most vulnerable to the vagaries of climate. In Somalia, 2.9 million people face hunger and 3.2 million people are in urgent need of water, according to a report from global poverty organization Oxfam. If temperatures continue to increase, 75% of Africa’s population will be at risk for hunger by 2080, according to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on Africa. The predicted changes will be followed by a cut of 22% of crop yields in the Sub Saharan Africa.

It is expected that participants at the three-day conference will offer meaningful, lasting and sustainable policy ideas that address the challenges of climate change and population growth on the continent.