Ghana’s president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo this afternoon hosted two of the three survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre Viola Fletcher (107) and his “baby brother” Hughes Van Ellis (100) at an emotional ceremony.

Proclaiming “We Are One” that has now become an anthemic slogan of Uncle Redd’s, the centenarians expressed profound gratitude to the president for extending the arm of the whole nation to people of African descent to come home.

“I think that Uncle Redd said it all that we are one”, said the President in response. That, he said was because it was the idea of being one that had influenced some of his government’s policies, especially that of the ‘Year of Return’.

“We want to make it clear that this country is your country and anyone who wants to come to re-establish, connect with us here, is welcome. We are all part and parcel of this great African family and the sooner all of us recognize it and work towards the strength of this family, the better for each one of us,” the president continued

Nana Addo has always believed that all people of African descent are indeed one, but he promised that henceforth, every time he makes that statemen, he will have Uncle Redd in his thoughts.

The president went on to offer Ghanaian citizenship to the two famous visitors. He also referred to the 1921 Race Massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma as one of America’s most infamous acts.

A white mob which included county law enforcement officials went on a rampage killing black people and destroying their thriving businesses in a 35 square block district called Greenwood, also know as “Black Wall Street.”

Viola Fletcher saw the destruction and testified at the United States Congress that the sights and sounds have hunted here for all of the 100 years since the massacre.

“Baby brother” Hugh Van Ellis was five months old at the time of the massacre. at a tour of the Osu dungeon, he wondered why “anyone would do such things (referring to the massacre and the horrible dehumanization that slaves were subjected to) to other human beings?”

The duo along with their delegation will depart Ghana on Saturday, but not until addressing a press conference on Friday to cap what has now become the “We Are One Tour” of Ghana.