Hauwa Ibrahim is an International Human Rights and Sharia Law Lawyer. A senior partner at Aries Law Firm, working as a lead attorney with a team devoted to the cause of human rights for women.

Hauwa has defended over 150 cases involving women sentenced to death by stoning and children sentenced to amputation of limbs under Shariah law. Brought up in a small village in northern Nigeria, Hauwa was born into a culture that did not encourage schooling for girls beyond elementary school. Through sheer persistence and the gracious support of others, she attended teachers’ high school for women, the local university in Jos, Nigeria and continued to law school.

Prior to launching her legal practice in 1996, she was a prosecutor in the Ministry of Justice in Bauchi State. Hauwa has taught at Harvard University, University of Rome, and over a dozen universities around the world. She is the founder of the project, “Mothers Without Borders” which focuses on diverting youth from extremism.

In 2014, President Jonathan of Nigeria invited her back to Nigeria to join efforts of rescuing the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram. She was invited by His Royal Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan in 2015 and in 2017 she was invited by the acting President of Nigeria to assist with allegations of human rights abuses against the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Hauwa is a member of the groundbreaking Global Information and Democracy Commission, a panel of 25 prominent figures formed by Reporters without Borders in September 2018 to draft an International Declaration on Information and Democracy. She also serves as a consultant to many human rights and non-governmental organizations.

Hauwa is currently working on multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration of root causes of terrorism, radicalization of youth and building bridges of cooperation between religious and non-religious communities.

She was an awardee of the European Parliament Sakharov Prize for freedom of thoughts in 2005.