Apapransa is a Ghanaian delicacy made from the combination of roasted corn meal and palm nut soup.

The twist in this meal is the absence of palm nut soup. We have given you an alternative way to preparing it.


Roasted corn meal

Red oilabout:blank

Tomatoes, Pepper, Onion, Ginger, Garlic


Salted fish (koobi)

Dried/smoked fish (herrings might best suit it)

Eggs, crab, snail (for garnishing)


Carefully blend together your washed onion, pepper, garlic and ginger as you put a considerate amount of red oil in a pot to heat.

Empty these blended natural spices in the red oil to simmer and add some blended fresh tomatoes five (5) minutes after you put in the garlic, ginger, pepper and onion.

Prepare your corn meal by pouring desirable amount into a bowl while you wait for your red oil sauce to cook

Wash your dry or smoked fish breaking them into smaller pieces depending on how you want it to be.

Empty fish in the sauce and allow it boil. Add some salt and any other preferred spice to taste.

Now you would want to make sure your sauce isn’t too thick as that will make your ‘apapransa’ appear hoarse after you finish.

Little by little, empty corn meal into your sauce and stir with a wooden ladle till everything goes into it and you attain a uniform mixture.

Keep stirring as you add red oil depending on how soft you want it to be. Leave it for about two (2) minutes on fire and then serve with some boiled egg, crab or snail.