Life is war and we know that

That is why we are here to fight

 Life is about survival;

that is why we are here to live and do it vital

In every day and in every thing I do;

Comes sometimes the lingering question; is it worth it for a go through?

Or maybe it’s all dust in the howling wind

Or a tear and wear on us to leave behind

Every day comes and goes though not every comes

Yet we shall continue on.Nobody knows, we imagine the outcomes

My biggest ridicule, life always move on no matter what;

Glide and tide,row and roll the boat of life goes, a threat can’t thwart

Wake up now and then, so busy as though on a mission

What to make or find in a vision?

I honestly don’t know

I wake up to the wonders around,above through to below.

I’m awed and fascinated in life’s ruthlessness,it’s always continuing;

Leaving a mark here and there, a history of ever changing

Life is movement

Don’t stand there, make an amend, all the way thru to amazement

So my dear, like life, a great teacher, be ruthless, be unrelenting and most of all, keep going on.

by Salifu Tahiru