TheInternational Finance Corporation (IFC) has named  Vodacom Tanzania’s Corporate Affairs Director, Rosalynn Mworia as one of the 22 leading Tanzanian women in the financial sector.

According to IFCs report on ‘Power of Equality’ that was released recently, Ms Mworia was named among women who perform their duties effectively in the financial sector given her performance while at the telco’s M-Pesa unit.

The report also explained that power of equality in Africa can boost the economy up to 10% by 2025 where women will be in the positions of managers, board members or business people.
 M-Pesa customers are estimated to have reached 14 million since its inception.

Commenting on the IFC’s gender equality report, Ms Mworia said she had received it well given that women have the ability to perform and change the society.

She noted that gender policies are important to enable women to work effectively to improve opportunities at workplaces.

“The current generation is for women so there must be roles in improving the prospects for women’s work”, she said.