Kenya’s media landscape is set to undergo a major transformation as the sector receives a $1million investment for the establishment of a media hub aimed at boosting the capacity of journalists and publishers to report in the public interest.

Funded by a global philanthropy known as Luminate, the new media hub will provide a specialized physical space that accommodates all Kenyan journalists, media entrepreneurs, and publishers and allows them to strengthen their collaboration and networking. Known as the Baraza Media Lab, the initiative will be ran in partnership with Mettā, an innovation hub. Luminate’s Managing Director Ory Okolloh expressed optimism in the project, indicating that it will be “a vibrant media eco-system” that supports Kenya on a number of fronts.

The launch of the initiative comes at a time the Kenyan media landscape is buffeted with a myriad of challenges. A 2018 research undertaken by Reboot revealed a skills gap and lack of innovation among media organizations and journalists.