Lockdown Diary
Day Three (3)
Today is Day 3 of Lockdown and it is getting both easier and a bit more difficult. The easy part is due to the psychological acceptance of the situation. The first day was a bit surreal and even exciting. No-one knew exactly how it would go, so, like children before a journey, one woke up early in anticipation of the trip. In this case, of course, there was nowhere to go. However, it was still exciting to watch the empty streets on TV and listen to all the media interviews and the like. By the second day, the novelty was beginning to wear off and a bit of restlessness set in.
Today, day three is difficult because of the ordinariness of the situation. Mentally, one has processed the fact that there is nowhere to go but that realization also brings a tinge of anxiety, and possibly for some people depression. This will be harder on people with set routines such as civil servants and other people whose routines are set in stone.
Personally, it is not too hard because I work from home a lot but even so, being cooped up at home all day is not pleasant for anyone, especially when you know that it is in your own interest to stay put. This is where the psychological difficulties come in. We all know that the easiest way out of any situation is to find someone to blame. This is why President Trump apparently goes through life without being affected too much by adversity. In every situation, he finds someone to blame – Hilary Clinton, China, Democrats as a whole – it really helps him to get himself off the hook in his own mind.
People in prison apparently do this all the time. It makes it easier for them to endure the pain of losing their freedom. So, it could be their criminal partner, or an unfair police officer or even the entire justice system; the blame could even be pinned on poor parenting in which case Papa and Maame get the blame. In this our current predicament of virtual house arrest, people are doing their best to pin it on someone. Social media is where the blame game is being played the most. China gets a fair bit of the blame, especially for eating the meat that started the whole thing. It is absurd, however, to blame a whole country for eating pork or whatever meat started it.
Conspiracy theories abound, which is part of the big-power politics that is never too far away in any crisis. On Ghana’s social media, God gets much of the blame, which in my view is not fair. I saw a post today which said, in effect, that God was using the pandemic to remind us that Jesus is Lord. Maybe, maybe not. Be that as it may, one of the main frustrations of this lockdown situation is that there is really no one you can blame; not anyone within striking distance. If you really need to blame this on someone, you can always say: it was the devil that did it. It is his job to take the rap!
It is tough but there is one positive motivating factor that must make it easier. We are doing it to stay healthy and alive. That is why we must fill the day with positive thoughts and get on with it regardless.

Nana Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng