A non-fiction book that deals with the themes of poverty, the challenges faced by women trying to achieve their aims in life and the struggles they have to undertake to be able to succeed. 

It is the late 1960s and Tambu is a 13- year-old in rural Zimbabwe. Her brother Nhamo has been sent to the mission school in town, his education paid for by her uncle, the family elder. Tambu is thirsty for knowledge, and feels the injustice of being kept on the family homestead, but Nhamo tells her she’d be “better off with less thinking and more respect.

Nhamo was the only male in the entire family and therefore he was always given the most attention as Jeremiah (their dad) expected that he would bring them out of the squalor they were living in. However, due to exposure to western culture he shuns his own culture and starts to distance himself from the family. Soon after his death, this opportunity is given to Tambu to go and achieve her dreams, however her mother Ma Shingayi is afraid of the change that may happen to Tambu due to a similar influence by western culture.