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Programmes in Brief

Programmes in Brief

Africa Daily

Mon-Fri 1pm-3pm

Africa Daily features eclectic music from Africa and the diaspora, we go deep with food for thought, unpacking proverbs from across the continent. We give you Good News from across Africa and the diaspora, we look at the headlines from newspapers across the continent and What’s trending. We go back to our history and build our knowledge with Did you know? Today we remember and African Champions. We uncover new fashion trends, books, films, events and lots more in What’s new and What’s on and we give you a poem everyday to round up the show. Miss it- Miss Out!

Arts Africa

Sat 12pm-1pm

Arts Africa covers everything from literature to performing and visual arts, across the length and breath of Global Africa. We talk to Africa’s finest creatives as well as emerging new talent from poets, writers, painters, actors, comedians, architects, creatives galore!

Sankofa Hills

Sat 12pm-1pm

Sankofa Hills is Africa Global Radio's flagship weekly drama on the Arts Africa show. It is set predominantly in an affluent area in Ghana’s capital Accra. The show features two central characters - YAABA and MORRO and their family, friends and acquaintances, reflecting a microcosm of African society. Tune in and meet the compelling characters who will make you laugh, scream and cry.

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