Reality television personality, Kimberly D. Worthy, is known as the woman who infamously freaked at dismembering a whole chicken and who forgot to put sugar in her sugar cookies on the Food Network’s Worst Cooks and Worst Bakers in America. With that said, Kimberly knows a thing or two about the reality TV world. But before she made it onto the big screen, she first had to make it through the application process.

Bottling up her tried and true techniques, Kimberly has launched an online one-on-one coaching service to assist people with learning the skill set of persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is the first step of the application process to appearing on reality TV or on any other type of non-scripted television show.

“People who desire to make it on reality tv often do not realize that the first step is the written application. These auditions are nationwide and the competition is fierce. You may have the best personality but no one will get a chance to see it if you do not first persuade the casting directors with your words to make them even want to consider your application further,” stated Kimberly.

This launch is the latest installment of Kimberly’s online education business which consists of teaching thousands of Creative Writing, English, Poetry, and English Second Language (ESL) classes to national and international adults and children worldwide.

To book your private one-on-one session with Kimberly D. Worthy, please visit her website at or email with your interest.