On May 15th, after lengthy talks and preparation, 6 pan-African organizations came together in the signing of a historic alliance geared towards the mass and immediate repatriation of the African Diaspora back to Africa.

It is no secret the unfair and oppressive treatment Africans in the Diaspora have been falling victim to. From police brutality and racial disparities in the United States to xenophobia against migrants in Europe to downright discriminatory housing practices forcing Africans in China into homelessness. The world has been collectively showing Africans they are not welcome and with a world in panic over the global pandemic, more and more black people are looking to Africa as the solution to their problems.

On the continent economic disparities continue with its’ most educated and professional citizens being abroad. Now with a focus on development, leaders of African nations have been calling for its children to return.

Last year the “Year of Return” brought hundreds of thousands of members of the Diaspora to Ghana in celebration of the 400th year anniversary since the first slave ships landed in Jamestown USA. Ghana’s government announced it had raked in over 1 Billion USD in revenue from the full year celebration and with that the global Diaspora has an understanding of just how important it is to contribute to the continent ongoing.

Alkebulan Senegal will be a 600 hectare town for repatriates to build in cooperation with locals.

After the Alkebulan Development Group in Senegal West Africa announced its plans to develop a 600 hectare repatriate city, the inflow of inquiries from all over the world began to flood the inbox of Made In Africa Project, the organization managing the media and marketing of the project. Now in a historic move the two organizations have signed a unprecedented agreement with Marcus Garvey’s 100 year old UNIA-ACL, the government of the State of the African Diaspora (ECO-6), The Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program and the Black Star Action Network International as champions for repatriation and in a collective effort to bring the Diaspora home.

The 6 organizations have pledged to go after $1 Billion USD in funding to provide sustainable solutions in real estate, agriculture, education and other industries to provide economic assistance for more than 1 Million returning families. The collective alliance pledges to help less fortunate families with travel and other expenses as well as seed funding to start businesses on the ground by way of the SRAP.

Sankofa Repatriation Assistance Program raises money to help less fortunate families to repatriate.

The government of the State of the African Diaspora’s Vice Prime Minister Keturah Amoako has pledged ECO-6 ID cards for all returnees and has plans to build embassies in the regions in which repatriates settle. As diplomatic representation for over 350,000,000 members of the African Diaspora, SOAD is also working on projects including reparations and the reclaiming of African treasures from colonial nations. In efforts to increase the reach of the new “State without borders” SOAD has been appointing new ambassadors such as Made In Africa Project CEO RJ Mahdi and Black Star Action Network Executive Director Chief Foday Mansaray, both long time repatriates living on the African continent.

UNIA-ACL President General Cleophus Miller

As the only US based member of the Alliance the UNIA-ACL has begun making strides to provide staffing and outreach in the States. Its President General Cleophus Miller, a former NFL Football player is scouring the country for young enthusiastic new team members to help drive grassroots information campaigns to inform and enroll . As the successor to Marcus Garvey, one of the most prolific pan-African leaders in history, Mr Miller works tirelessly to oversee and maintain chapters around the US and Garveys home country Jamaica as well as in Costa Rica, Belize, Kenya etc.

Now with the newly signed alliance the 6 organizations are coming together on May 25th and 26th to host a 16 hour live conference and telethon in celebration of Africa Day. The live conference replaces what was set to be a week long event in Dakar Senegal and was cancelled due to COVID19 travel restrictions and lockdown. Many top tier pan-African influencers, media personalities and experts are set to participate with a collective theme focused on the “Mass & Immediate Repatriation of the Diaspora.”

SOURCE – https://www.dntghana.com/