The November issue of Speakers Magazine is online and hard copies will be distributed to monthly subscribers and others in their network of outlets. The cover features Jamie Foster Brown, Founder of Sister2Sister Magazine. which was a forerunner for many Black women-focused publications. Foster leveraged her contacts from the entertainment industry to create an empire of her own in Black media publishing.

Foster gained popularity as the first national Black entertainment columnist as she launched Sister2Sister Magazine in September 1988. The publication was a trailblazer in helping to shape the culture and narrative of Black celebrities. The Speakers Magazine cover story, by Cier Black, gives a deeper perspective on the landscape and what was faced. Brown’s publication was dubbed by Newsweek as the “African-American version of People Magazine.”

Prior to Sister2Sister, Foster was a secretary at BET and because of her “bigger than life” personality and talent was promoted to one of the TV producer’s for Video Soul. However, it was pure purpose-driven talent that led her to leave and soon thereafter form her own media outlet. With other Black media outlets pushing back on the new genre of rap music at the time, Foster said, “In spite of their lyrics, these were our children.” Instead of rejecting them, Foster created a gathering spot just for them by way of her magazine.

In retrospect, other outlets did not know that it wasn’t the music Brown accepted. She had decidedly taken a bold stance in accepting them and the opportunity to tell their story. This is why we celebrate Jamie Foster Brown as the pioneer that helped tell the story about Black rap culture.

In the Speakers magazine November issue are also six other featured speakers:

* Deja Vu
* Erica Lynn
* Lakina Fulks
* Lisa Ealy
* Dr. Michele Leno

“The purpose of Speakers magazine is to feed (knowledge) for speakers and to feature speakers to introduce them to new audiences and give them visibility,” said Pam Perry, publisher of Speakers magazine. “Every month we feature awesome events, like the Black Women in Media virtual event, along with articles for professional development so speakers expand their career.”