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Tag: Malawi


Malawi named country of the year 

Malawi has been named country of the year by The Economist Newspaper following the supreme court decision to annul its presidential election. “When Peter Mutharika, the incumbent, was declared the winner of…


The Greatness Of Africa 

When I look at the Nile or Niger My heart overflows with profound admiration As currents daringly flow on each iconic river Every fountain has wealth embedded in her waters…


The Road to Sunrise 

This is a women-centered drama set in Malawi about two young women who struggle to survive and attempt to maintain their humanity in the rough, unforgiving townships of Blantyre, Malawi….


Malawi’s army praised for protecting protesters 

Malawi’s army is being hailed for protecting protesters who have been calling for electoral justice, following last year’s disputed presidential elections. The military’s latest intervention occurred after a fraud-marred election…


Malawi Expels EU Ambassador 

Malawi has demanded the head of the European Union delegation leave the country within one-week over her alleged interference in the country’s domestic affairs. NEWS UPDATE: The Head of European…

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