Born with a congenital heart defect, Lynda Monroe is an entrepreneur, podcast personality, and life coach that imparts motivational wisdom to empower prisoners to defy the odds and get a second chance at life. She inspires through her advocacy, life coaching, and motivational wisdom. She has freed 50 inmates from prison and has successfully mentored over 1,000.

Lynda Monroe

Over her career to date she has been able to get 50 inmates released from prison, giving them a second chance at life. In addition, she has successfully mentored over 1,000 prisoners. She is an extraordinary multimedia mogul who continues to take the world by storm.

Lynda wants to inspire the world, and has a special place in her heart for the current and formerly incarcerated. She says, “The prisons are filled to the brim with untapped potential that deserves a second chance.” She doesn’t just talk the talk, but she walks the walk and has five strategies to beat the odds:

1. Practice Gratitude: Be grateful for your life, health, and strength. Do not take anything for granted.

2. Make Education and Self Improvement a Priority: No matter how long it takes, expand your mindset. You only have one mind and one life and cultivating it to its fullest potential is key.

3. Nurture Your Creativity: Life will throw you curveballs. When she was born she was thrown the ultimate curveball of endangered health, and with the help of family and God she was able to overcome her death sentence.

4. Have a Spirit of Service: When faced with the realities of how inmates live in prison, Lynda Monroe was filled with compassion. This compassion created the idea for a prison ministry to help inmates reach their fullest potential.

5. Put God First: Without faith, Lynda believes that it is impossible to please God. This is why it is important for everyone to have faith in themselves; faith in the fruits of your labor; and faith that in the end, everything will work out fine.

Lynda is a change agent that helps the forgotten in society obtain second chances through her prison activism, her podcast, and her public speaking.