When bibles killed most idols
And turned regal beings into illegal citizens
Through slavers’ ships guarded by overseers’ whips
The formula of God got flawed

When black became the colour which power lacked
And white rose in a cheated chosen the former’s fall arose
As the world watched either in a run for captivity
…or in sheer indifference
The formula of God got flawed

It is sad to see how dubious heads made it workable
Spitting and hitting
Shouting and raping
Booting and biting
Hanging and killing
Though the formula didn’t add up
They chose to neglect
…that God’s formula got flawed

Now knowledge has traveled to a dawn
…which dawns the truth
That human beasts chose homes
And drove humans to “their fields”
To work them dead
Still, the debris of human beasts move forward
…in their backward thoughts

Even when white bodies seek black fleshes
Even when white heads seek dreadlocks
Even as black heads lead white classes
Supremacists choose to point at
…those oppression has driven into depression and waywardness
…to justify their inhuman assumptions
It is sad to see their masses’ silence
…turned to their supportive violence
When will they accept that
…they forced the formula of God into flaws?

I wonder what they say when they pray!
I wonder what they pay their consciences to their heads lay
I wonder their level of shame
And how they tame their fears for their hell
That fire must have heated to the highest point
Waiting to roast them dry
…for the teeth of their Satan

Or maybe not
Because their worship is fabricated into beliefs
As hateful reminders hide under their pretentious pillows
To thaw the frozen fears
…with the truth that religion was a plot
…to subdue and capture
And that rapture is their structure
…manufactured to work dead overpowered souls

Source: amoafowaa.com