WHILE THERE are numerous young black people achieving acclaim in sports such as Simone Biles and Lewis Hamilton and are role models for others to follow, Kreative Culture Klub (KCK) is showcasing young people’s academic success on November 1. 

The Young Gifted and Black Awards (YGAB), a uniquely positive event, is always a night to remember. It recognises and celebrates students who have passed top grades in their GCSE and SATS as role models, to inspire them to aim higher and show education is the route to achieve their goals and career success.

One particular recipient won a scholarship to a top private school where Kate Middleton and Samantha Cameron attended, whilst others have progressed to study law, become lawyers and doctors and returned to give motivational speeches as to how the awards inspired them.

Another awardee recalled, that on cold mornings when he found it difficult to get up, he looked at the trophy at his bedside and that motivated him as he remembered the night when he was applauded for his achievements. So he had to go on to attain further success.

Now in its 16th year, KCK’s Young Gifted and Black ceremony will be taking place in the beautiful listed Palace Cathedral in Tottenham, north London.

Previously the event had been hosted for 13 years at the popular Assembly Hall in Waltham Forest, east London.

It is laudable that so many schools and colleges have been further supporting this community event, by understanding KCK’s aims to promote equal opportunity and alleviate the stereotypical views of the media.

The event’s longevity with little funding  – this year from WFC and Victoria Mutual – shows how much this event is a welcome change and valued by students and parents alike with a school from Tottenham newly on board.

The organisers’ hope is that YGAB will become a national event.

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