The government of Zambia has ordered the US Ambassador to pack out of the country for criticizing a recent court judgment that sentenced a gay couple to 15 years imprisonment.

The rift was ignited when US Ambassador Daniel Foote publicly declared his pro-gay stance and said he was horrified by the judgment of the court. He went ahead to criticize the government for what he said are violations of basic human rights.

In a sharp rebuttal, the Zambian foreign minister referred the ambassador to President Trump’s anti-LGBT policies. The Zambian government has since written to Washington complaining about the ambassador’s conduct.

The ambassador is required to leave the Southern African country even as it awaits an official response from the US government.

Zambia has strict-ant-gay laws criminalizing the practice as a felony punishable by a prison term of up to 15 years.

“We know that there could be people who are homosexual in Zambia, but we don’t want to promote it, because we frown upon it. Most of us say it’s wrong. It’s unbiblical, un-Christian and we don’t want it. If there are such countries which will allow bestiality, let them do it. But not here,” emphasized President Edgar Lungu.